Itsy-Bitsy by Adele: That’s the best idea I’ve had all morning!

Give us a lullaby, Adele.  Please?!  (photo:

Pretty Please, with a smokey contralto cherry on top?!
(Photo: onlinesheetmusic)Just read  the LA Times that:

I just read in the LA Times that:  “[Adele has been] focusing her musical output on her baby son, Angelo.  ‘I’ve been out of the loop, really,’ Adele said.  ‘just singing my baby nursery rhymes.’ ”

Got me thinking.  Adele should make an album of lullabies.  Right?!

Anyone who has ever rocked a baby to sleep, knows the power of a lullaby.  And anyone who has ever listened to hundreds of hours of saccrine-toned, plinky-xylophone versions of “Toora, Loora, Loora” knows that lullabies can drive a Mom to a drink at nap-time.

Over the years, I’ve sung (which is code for mumbled, hummed and made up words for) thousands of lullabies to my children.  As they grew older (and I, more tired) they graduated from my untrained, slightly off-key voice to recordings made by professionals.  At bedtime, we popped them in the cd player and voila, 15 minutes later my children had fallen asleep to a synthesized verse of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  Even now, long after the crib was donated to a neighbor, when nightmares rattle the peacefulness of their sleep, I pop in one of those old cds and watch the calm return.

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Forget the mocking bird.  Why can’t Mama gonna buy you an inspiring lullaby experience? (Photo:

But those lullaby collections?   Totally lacking in any true musical genius.  Maybe it’s the limitation of genre but I have got to believe that if anyone could accomplish the impossible, it is Adele.  Imagine giving the next generation the gift of a gorgeous rendition of “Hush Little Baby”?  Doesn’t it seem selfish that only little Angelo should grow up with such melody and inspiration???

Come on Adele.  Give us a lullaby album.  Then, maybe a tired mom could fade off to dreamland for a short little cat-nap herself.

4 comments on “Itsy-Bitsy by Adele: That’s the best idea I’ve had all morning!

  1. OMG that would be amazing!!!! My husband recently found “lullabies” on youtube. Its a cd of adult songs that sound like baby songs. So when you play them rather than singing “rock a bye baby on the tree top” you are singing Dave mathews band, weezer, silver sun pick-ups etc” but its relaxing for baby.

    an Adele baby album would be equally as awesome

    • Deborah says:

      That’s brilliant, too! Once, I tried to burn a mix cd but somehow, my kids didn’t find Jackson Browne as soothing as I did. I think there’s something weird in those lullabies that works with infant brains the way more complicated adult music doesn’t. Or not. Mozart was a rather sophisticated 3 year old.

  2. Megan Cincotta says:

    Did you reach putti her publicist? Come on, do it for the moms and Adele fans!!

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